Experts OnDemand

Experts OnDemand

IPTEAMS Experts OnDemand 

 IPTEAMS Experts OnDemand provide targeted expertise and recommendations

to your programs and projects, Online and OnDemand.

With IPTEAMS Experts OnDemand we offer an initial analysis / assessment of

your program or project. Our senior consultants, who all are program- & project managers with International experience, will add expert knowledge to the companies' own program & project managers.

Our experts recommend the further project process, in a Roadmap with the use

of methods and tools, so your company's own project managers can run the

project to success with targeted expert support. Our experts add high value,

fast delivery, at a fixed competitive price. All is delivered online. 

Learn more about the IPTEAMS Experts OnDemand. Check out the short videos:

Watch video interviews with some of our experts below. If you cannot find the

area of ​​expertise you need, contact us by 


Phone:  +45 33 69 03 07 or by e-mail: or use the contactform

Meet some of our program- & project manager Experts:

All videos have subtitles in Danish and English - Info on how to activate subtitles

Profile interviews 12-13 min. Get to know some of the Experts a bit better!

IPTEAMS Experts OnDemand  

Since the establishment in 1998, IPTEAMS has been a trendsetter and first mover in professional program and project management

With IPTEAMS Experts OnDemand, we can, in short online sessions, add expert knowledge from our senior consultants, quickly and efficiently to your projects. The Experts OnDemand concept is delivered 100% online, unless otherwise agreed. This reduces project costs and CO2 footprint.

With IPTEAMS Experts OnDemand, our customers can dynamically scale competencies and capacity of the project organization.

  • Expert knowledge targeted at specific professional areas related to program & project management
  • The scope and number of sessions are adapted to the customer's / project's current needs

 Avoid making costly mistakes - – get advise from an IPTEAMS Expert OnDemand

  • Short stand-alone engagements, with quick access to IPTEAMS' experts
  • Evaluate the experts in video interviews above
  • Getting help is easy, simple and fast