Facts about IPTEAMS


IPTEAMS A/S was founded in 1998. With competent IPTEAMS consultants, you provide a broad theoretical and, not least, practical experience for the project

70% of all projects experience challenges in respect to scope, on-time delivery, quality or budget. Skilled employees aren’t necessarily sufficient!

While hiring resources may require long and tiresome processes, adding additional and skilled resources by using IPTEAMS consultants works smoothly.

At IPTEAMS we know how important it is to match your requirements and finding the right skills and personality is key to us.

”We do not sell consultants, we sell competences and results!”

Vision, Mission and Values

Based firmly on our vision, mission and values, IPTEAMS fully satisfies expectations as a competent and responsible business partner for both customers and associated consultants.


IPTEAMS is the preferred business partner because we create added value for customers through leadership. We are known and recognised for our professionalism and expertise.

IPTEAMS' Mission

Thanks to our excellent task management, we lead companies from strategy to reality. With experience and courage, we ensure measurable results.

Our customers choose us to bring them safely through changes.

We secure the link between strategic goals, development and anchoring in the customer’s organization.



We develop our skills at all levels, management, professional and personal, to be the best in the market and able to challenge and create value in all situations.


We are professionals in everything we do. We deliver the best quality before, during and after collaborating.


We enjoy a good work-life balance and create the energy to drive a positive atmosphere and commitment to our customers.